Why is the platform so important to Rock Content?Imagine a Digital Marketing company that provides you with a tool in which you only need Internet access to manage the entire process of your content ─ from ideas to create them to dissemination on networks ─ Are you thinking of any? We do: on Rock Content!Rock Content is a company of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, whose platform functions as a central database for Ecuador Phone Number List interactions between the company, freelancers and clients.So we can assure you that one of the successes of Rock Content lies in the ease of use of Rock Studio , since you do not need to download a program or application, but only with your email and password you will have full access to it.What are the benefits of using Rock Studio?Very well! We know that this is one of your main questions, so keep reading to know the answer!Produces a high volume of contentFor Rock Content its clients are essential, that is why to satisfy them in terms of quality and quantity of content, it has a Network of more than 20,000 highly trained and qualified Freelancers in tasks such as: content writing following SEO practices and customer requirements; review of the contents prepared;cover

image design for blog posts and e-books;translations of content from Spanish to Portuguese and vice versa.It is integrated into the client’s social networksRock Studio has a plug-in that allows the client’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to be integrated into the platform. In this way, the content created is disseminated quickly, easily and on a scheduled basis.rock studio 1 platformEveryone involved in the strategy can use the platformAll for one and one for all!Ok, the saying may not be exactly related to the Rock Studio platform, however it fits perfectly, since it is used by Rock Content analysts, the Freelance Network and clients, covering and solving each of their needs .

Covers all stages of content productionThe content production process in an Inbound Marketing strategy is not limited to having WordPress and Google Analytics accounts. For this reason, the Rock Studio platform concentrates and organizes the actions involved in each stage of this journey.

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