For example  we can carry out these activities The group of customers with an average RFM consists of those whose spending in our store is relatively low or mium, and those who are characteriz by low or mium frequency of purchases. Customers with an average RFM are primarily characteriz by low brand loyalty. Certainly, it is worth selecting people from this segment whose value is underestimat by one of the features and introducing actions that will increase it, so as to finally move them to the group of people with high RFM.

How Much Is The Marketing Budget

As part of marketing activities aim at users with an average rate, it is worth considering all kinds of loyalty programs and referral programs that will help us increase the frequency of purchase. Upselling and crossselling techniques will help us to  further increase the value of the order. People with a high RFM index are characteriz by high brand loyalty and attachment. They are its natural ambassadors and customers of the highest value. It is them database who are worth asking for product reviews and recommendations, as well as taking care of upselling. Customers who love our brand should also be appreciat by giving them early access to news, the VIP club or offering services usually unavailable to others. RFM indicators Why use RFM analysis.


Why Did It Happen

Thanks to RFM analysis, we can precisely adjust activities to the recipients’ behavior and even try to prict their next steps. An orderly and segment database enables a quick and effective response to the nes of recipients. Bas on the analysis, we can also determine what product or group of products and what dimensions of given B2B Fax List products generate our “ideal customer”. Their features can be the basis for communication with new customers. is a good foundation for building lasting relationships with customers.

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