Who doesn’t have a secret passion? I personally am a fan of vintage markets and shops. I love wandering through rows of different clothes, imagining the stories of those who wore them before me, and thinking that an abandoned garment can have a new life and experience new adventures.

With the pandemic stopping the whole world in 2020, I had to say goodbye to my beloved vintage markets, discovering with immense pleasure that I could continue shopping for clothes … online!


Whether it’s used or new, selling clothes online has incredible potential, whether you want to get rid of some old shirt you don’t use anymore, or you want to start your own business.

That’s why I thought I’d create this guide where you’ll find out everything you need to know about selling clothes online. What are you waiting for then? Read on to learn more!

Why sell clothes online

There are many reasons why you might be selling clothes online. You may have accumulated clothes that you almost never (or really never) wear, you may have seen the documentary on Marie Kondo and decided to tidy up and keep only the clothes that bring happiness, or – throw it there – you may want to earn!

Yep, because the online clothing industry is no small market. With over $ 90 billion a year coming in from selling clothes online, we’re talking about an extremely profitable, as well as competitive business.

You should have guessed that there are all the right conditions to mobile directory with names india enter this type of business, but if you still want some data to fully convince you, here they are.

Why sell clothes online?

  1. Selling clothes online has a much lower barrier to entry than physical stores (no rent, bills and wages to pay). Furthermore, there is no pandemic that holds, you can manage your business in any situation.
  2. Unlike brick and mortar stores, ecommerce is available 24/7, and any time is good to sell your clothes online.
  3. With your own website, you can track and monitor the behavior of your customers, and make the appropriate changes in real time to provide them with the best possible shopping experience.
  4. 2020 definitely gave the retail sector a leap forward and, according to the 2020 SendClound Report, more than half (54%) of consumers have increased online shopping since the start of the pandemic was declared.

Plus, if everything related to fashion, clothing and customer communication is your passion, why not step out of your closet (literally) and turn your passion into a profitable business?

How to sell clothes online 

Whatever the niche market and the type of clothing you choose to sell, there are several ways to sell clothing online.


Create a site on Shopify 

Have you ever thought about selling clothes online on Shopify ? The idea of ​​running your own site might seem like a little too much, but it’s not as complicated as you might think.

You don’t need to have any programming knowledge, you can try it for free for 14 days and you can create and launch your own ecommerce to sell clothes online in minutes!

Why create a site to sell used or new clothes? Well, in the meantime, so as not to be bound by external marketplaces and platforms and to be able to customize your showcase so that it perfectly reflects you, your mission and your brand . And let’s talk about brands .

As you will see in the next paragraphs, there are many other ways to sell clothes online, but it will only be with a site of your own that you can really express yourself to the fullest, take advantage of your marketing and communication skills and create a business that – why not – could will soon allow you to become independent and possibly your full time job.


Sell ​​your clothes on Facebook 

Facebook offers you two ways to sell your clothes. The Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Shop.

Facebook Marketplace

If the idea of ​​setting up a site seems like too much of a challenge to you, or if your goal is to sell used clothing online to empty your closet and nothing more, the Facebook Marketplace could be for you.

Just click on “Create a new ad”, choose the type of ad, which in this case will be “Item for sale”, and start customizing your ad. As you add all the information, Facebook will show you in real time how your ad will appear on the Marketplace.

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