There was a time when artisans who wanted to turn their passion into a career had few. Very few options: to sell in markets and flea markets around the world. For instance, or to entrust their creations to organized retailers.


On the other hand, even just the idea of ​​opening a physical shop. For instance, finding the right place, paying rent, expenses, salaries… in short, it’s a business! And although there are no impossible businesses, it is also true that a novice entrepreneur does not have thousands and thousands of euros to invest before even starting his business.

With the internet everything has changed and continues to change faster and faster, especially after 2020. If on the one hand Covid-19 has generated an immense crisis for physical stores and for merchants of all categories, on the other it has also pushed the growth of e-commerce, and more and more people have turned to online stores for their purchases.

Hence, if craftsmanship is your passion, an incredible opportunity presents itself to you to be able to transform this passion into a successful business. As? Selling your handcrafted products online!

In this article, you will find out exactly.  How to sell handicrafts online and what are the best channels for your products.

Why sell handicrafts online

The main reason for selling handicrafts online is to turn a hobby into a job, which allows you to make money from home and – if you wish – to abandon the classic patterns of office work to run your business independently.

Selling online, be it crafts or other products, is the present . If until a few years ago we could have considered it an opportunity for the future, now it is a question of being able to infiltrate – and establish itself – in a market that is already full of competitors. best database provider

Not only that, now that the whole world’s thailand business email list has further recognized the importance of online shopping, thanks to the web you have an incredible showcase for your products, and a visibility that you could never reach with local markets and channels. of traditional sales.

This is why, if you want to start selling handmade online, you should give yourself a move, evaluate your options and start your online business as soon as possible!

Selling handmade items: yes, but where?

Where to sell online? Once you understand the potential of handmade online, it’s time to decide where to sell your handcrafted creations online. Whether it’s bags, soaps, candles, and so on and so forth, identifying the perfect channel – or channels – is probably the most important decision in this first phase of your business.

And to sell handcrafted products online, I personally believe the best choices are:

  1. Create a site on Shopify
  2. Sell Facebook
  3. Selling  Instagram
  4. Sells on Pinterest
  5. Sell ​​on TikTok
  6. Selling on external marketplaces

Each of these options has its advantages (and its limitations), it will be up to you to decide which one is best suited to your brand and your target market.

Create a site on Shopify

Selling crafts on Shopify is the first and most comprehensive choice available to you, as well as the one that will allow you to customize your online appearance the most.
And, no, it’s not as difficult as you may believe.
With a Shopify site, you’ll be able to present, market, and sell your works to clients all over the world while also having access to a very user-friendly platform that will allow you to manage every part of your business in one location.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn about alternative ways to sell handcrafted things online, but keep in mind that Shopify isn’t a platform that excludes the others; quite the contrary!

Not only will your Shopify store be more appealing, but it will also be more profitable.

Sell ​​your products on Facebook

When we talk about selling on Facebook we mainly refer to two channels, the Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shop.

The Facebook Marketplace allows you to “test” (in an extremely simple way) the request for your products, without any targeting. In practice, it involves placing an ad for the sale of an item in the Marketplace.

You can add photos, title, price, description and other details of your product, but it is limited to that. And while this option may be fine for selling certain product categories (we’ve recommended it, for example, for selling clothes online), it’s probably not the best choice when it comes to selling handmade items.

For those who need more customization, Facebook offers the Facebook Shop option . An internal Facebook platform where you can create your own customizable online store.


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