Are you thinking of selling furniture online? If you’ve come across this article then these are probably your projects.


Maybe you have just moved and want to empty your house; or you are looking to create a DIY business in this niche and sell used furniture online to supplement your salary . Instead, you may be an artisan looking for a way to sell handcrafted furniture online. Or a manufacturer who already has a physical store but wants to expand sales and enter the digital world.

Why sell furniture online? Advantages and disadvantages


As we said, selling furniture online is a great idea whether you are a private individual or you want to create your own business. The activity of furnishing the home is increasingly carried out online, especially by the new generations, to respond to the desire for uniqueness of the furniture, to customize according to needs, and for a creative rediscovery of antiques and styles such as shabby chic.

Whether it’s an occasional business, then, or a real shop with significant volumes and varieties, selling furniture online in 2022 is a really good idea.

How to sell used or new furniture? Before delving into the subject, let’s see what are the pros and cons of opening an online store or a private sale for this kind of object.

Selling Furniture Online In-Store – Advantages 

  1. Opening hours. An internet shop is always open and active mobile numbers data pakistan allows you to sell furniture online 24/7. There are no closing days, Sundays, holidays, the customer always has access to your shop, at any time of his day and from any device. This inevitably works in favor of your chances of selling.
  2. Crossing the borders. One way to increase sales is to reach a wider range of customers. The physical store is limited by its geographical position, while the online one can reach anyone, even foreign customers.
  3. Complementary sales channel. Selling furniture online is an opportunity to fill the gaps left by the physical store. For example, if yours is a little-known brand, an online store can recover this void with good marketing strategies .
  4. Profiling . Opening an online store allows you to make a profile of your customer. Thanks to the data collection, you can record the number of visits, the purchases made, understand what you like and what you don’t and re-propose your products with remarketing strategies . In this way you can adjust the choice of your supplies based on the preferences of your customers and the trend that follows. You will also be able to maintain contact with the customer and cultivate their interest with email marketing , a very powerful tool for sales.

Selling Furniture Online In-Store – Disadvantages 

  1. Competition . If ecommerce gives you access to a larger market, it must be considered that, in the same way, the competition will also be greater. And this immediately brings us to the second point.
  2. Marketing . To gain visibility, it is not enough to take beautiful photos of your furniture and publish them. It is necessary to provide a good SEO strategy , advertising campaigns, the creation of the site which must be intuitive, organized and fast and the creation of a social media marketing plan . Don’t forget that your online clientele uses social media a lot. In short, to sell furniture online you have to do a good job to avoid false starts and enter this market professionally. If you are not an expert in this field you will have to study, or you can contact a professional.
  3. Distrust . Older users, especially in Italy, are still wary of online shopping. Buying on an ecommerce still represents something risky for some. What I would like to recommend is transparency, if you are clear in your information, if you offer a good customer service system and if you make the customer feel followed step by step in purchasing, then you will earn their trust. However, it must be said that the Coronavirus has changed things and rewritten the future of trade in the world. In Italy, in fact, there has been a strong increase in online purchases.Those who were previously reluctant to make this type of purchase, a little by force, a little out of curiosity, have tried this path and have now changed their buying habits.


Advantages of selling furniture online – Individuals

  1. Time . Also in this case the 24-hour rule applies. Once you have put your mobile online, the purchase can be made at any time.
  2. Space . As above, here too we have the advantage of breaking down geographical barriers. Your old piece of furniture, the one you just made or the one you bought at the flea market, can be sold anywhere.
  3. Reuse . The furniture will have a new life and you will help reduce the waste of material in good condition. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” the Anglo-Saxons would say, that is, what may be useless to you for someone else could be a treasure.

Disadvantages of Selling Furniture Online – Individuals

  1. Space . If you want to sell used or even new furniture online, you will have to realize that you may not be able to do it right away. It could also take weeks or months and then you will have to keep it somewhere: at home or, if you have the possibility, in a warehouse or garage. The same is true if you are a craftsman who builds or restores them yourself, or if you bought the furniture at the market to resell it.
  2. Dealing with buyers . If you are not a trader you are not used to it, and you will most likely have a bit of a hard time doing this. People may make requests that may be absurd to you, such as free home delivery or making offers that you think are ridiculous, or even make appointments that they will never show up. You have to put in some stress for this!
  3. Manage the platform you have chosen to sell your mobile online . Put the furniture in a beautiful light, take pictures from every angle also pointing out the defects (scratches, dents), publish the ad on the website or the social network of your choice … how many things to do! If all these operations represent an obstacle for you then it is necessary that you start studying to become familiar with these tools.

How to sell furniture online


Now that we have made an assessment of the positive and negative aspects, we can move to the real heart of the question: how to sell furniture online in practice?

Once again we have to make a distinction. You have several options, it all depends on what you want to achieve.

If your sale is sporadic, as in the last cases we have seen, then what it can do for you are social networks or marketplaces .

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of getting serious and opening an online store , then we need to talk about Shopify.

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