Selling on Instagram is an essential part of any ecommerce business. Especially considering that over 500 million users use Instagram every day, and 50% of them follow at least one business. In this article we will see why and how to sell on Instagram to offer all users an excellent shopping experience even on social media.

Selling on Instagram: Instagram Shopping 

Instagram Shopping allows you to integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profile. In turn, this allows you to promote your products directly to Instagram users through posts, stories, the Explore tab, and a special Instagram Shopping tab on your profile.

Let’s see some examples of how Instagram Shopping works.

Instagram Shopping can be accessed from the user profile by clicking on “View shop” or the handbag-shaped icon. This allows users who visit the profile to see all products without leaving the application. You can also tag Instagram Shop products in your posts the same way you would tag a friend. This adds a small shopping bag icon to your image. When users touch the photo, they can view the prices of the products in the Instagram showcase and go with a tap on the complete card. You can tag up to 5 items for each image or 20 items for each carousel. Whenever you tag your products in an image, the content of that image will appear in a dedicated Instagram Shop feed on your Instagram business profile.

Selling on Instagram: the benefits of Instagram Shopping

As mentioned, Instagram is fast becoming an ecommerce powerhouse.

Shari Lott, founder and CEO of children’s clothing architects email list brand Spearmint Love, said: “When we launched the [Instagram Shopping] feature, we saw a 25% increase in traffic and an 8% increase in revenue attributable to the fact. of having started selling on Instagram “.

So let’s see the winning elements of this platform.

1. It reduces friction and makes shopping easier for consumers

Selling on Instagram means taking the friction out of the buying process by making it easier for users to browse your catalog, look at prices, or learn more about a particular product.

Plus, once they’re ready to buy, they can visit the product page on your website with a single tap. They can also save the product to come back later by tapping the label icon on a product page – here’s an example of Shwood brand sunglasses : The new checkout feature for selling on Instagram further enhances the shopping experience. Shoppers can choose from various items, sizes and colors, and then proceed to checkout – without ever leaving Instagram. And after you place your first order, their details (name, email, billing information and shipping address) are saved in the Facebook database, allowing you to send them notifications about processing and delivery.

2. It allows you to promote your products directly

Instagram has always been a great place to connect with your target market and deepen customer relationships.

The limit of a single link in the profile bio has never stopped big brands from implementing excellent marketing strategies by finding creative tricks to put their products at the center. With the shopping features, it is possible to tag products on instagram within individual posts by inserting more than one link per image. This is because Instagram Shopping allows you to seamlessly integrate all content with your store. This is great – especially when 65% of the top performing brands’ posts feature a product of some kind. Now you can finally promote your products directly in your posts and stories and avoid the hassle of filling your followers with phrases like “Click on the link in bio!”. Savannah Boysen, marketing manager at Tyme, said, “It’s a clean and simple way to sell on Instagram and showcase your product in a natural context, without affecting the user experience.”

Plus, selling on Instagram with Instagram Shopping is easy.

3. It allows you to show your products to customers and users interested in buying

When you tag a product in a post, that post will automatically be added to. The new Instagram Shopping tab of the Explore section. By increasing the interaction on Instagram through practices such as optimizing your hashtags. Moreover, you can make your products appear in the Shopping section of the Explore tab. Plus, you’ll be exposing your products to your niche because these shopping posts are personalized. And based on user interests and past interactions. This is great because users who view the Shopping tab tend to have a high interest in buying. And you will be able to sell your products on Instagram. Think of it this way: casual shoppers aside, it can be say that most people go shopping to, well, shop. Bottom line, Instagram Shopping is an extremely effective way to sell on Instagram.

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