Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a set of strategies to increase the authority of  St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists a company’s digital channels in search engines, integrating online advertising ads to organic positioning actions.

Guest AuthorSep 12, 19 | 8 min readSometimes it seems that all digital terms are acronyms, right? SEO, SEM, CPC, CPM … And it is that, at first glance, we would believe that they contain hidden meanings that only experts can understand.

Fortunately, that is not true! And today you are about to verify it, since you will know what SEM is, its advantages, disadvantages and some key concepts that you must know to implement it and put your brand in the spotlight of the digital scene .What is SEM?The acronym SEM stands for: Search Engine Marketing. In theory, it encompasses all the actions aimed at positioning your brand in search engines,

including SEO (the optimization of pages to obtain a better position in the organic results of search engines).In practice, SEM refers only to paid ad campaigns on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo .SEM helps improve brand visibility and direct qualified audiences to your website (people who meet specific characteristics) quickly.

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