Mpact on your business: sudden drop in traffic, drop in your notoriety… And therefore be the cause of a loss of turnover! Creating a new website involves risks, which must be controlled at all costs. Particular attention must be paid to natural referencing (SEO) to avoid losing your visibility. Technical SEO and content both matter! Here are 7 SEO tips for a successful website redesign. Analyze your old website Before you jump headlong into your site redesign , start by analyzing your existing site: Which pages attracted the most traffic? ; on which keywords were you positioned? ; what were the blocking factors for SEO? ; Which pages converted the most? ; Are there any redirects already in place? Etc. This first analysis is beneficial for several reasons: to avoid making the same mistakes again, to adapt the new website, to define the type of modifications to be made.

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In order to build a new, more efficient website Take care of the tree structure of your new website If you are currently building a new website , chances are you want to make some changes.  its telegram number tree structure . So be sure to optimize your tree structure and respect the semantic markup at the risk of losing the correct positioning of your old pages and  not indexing the new pages. Do an SEO analysis and define a list of strategic keywords for your. Before drawing up a list of relevant keywords to target for your new website , take stock of your old site . From an ” SEO ” point of view , a site redesign begins with an.

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Why migrate HTTP site to HTTPS?

Only then can you begin to establish the SEO strategy for your new website. And at the base of this one, the choice of keywords is of paramount importance. For the selection of keywords , three major factors come into consideration. The potential amount of traffic generated by the keyword, the quality B2B Fax List of the. Traffic generated and the competition on the keyword in question. Without it, it will be difficult for you to get the top positions in Google results. Optimize the content of your new website. Redesigning your website is a great opportunity to rethink your editorial strategy. which is the basis of your content marketing strategy. If you want to make your site a commercial tool, it is essential to set up a content strategy that.

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