Are you a marketing professional and don’t know which indicator to use to measure and quantify your work?So that this does not take away your sleep, we will take care of explaining a metric that Denmark Phone Number List  will allow you to determine the level of participation of your company or brand in the market,


of course, we refer to the Share of Voice (SOV).The Share of Voice is a KPI that represents the market share or percentage that your company has over the total investment made in your business sector in terms of advertising , promotion, marketing, among others.With the fervent

digital revolution in which we are currently, this definition acquires a lot of application value, since the Internet represents the best tool to advertise your company or brand.This can be done either through the use of social networks , SEO techniques , Inbound Marketing , organic searches, advertising campaigns, etc.Without a doubt, it is a technique that you should explore and we will tell you what it is about. Let’s get started!What is the calculatio

formula for Share of Voice (SOV)?Knowing that the Share of Voice is a metric that determines the participation of your brand in the market with respect to

the competition, it is clear that to calculate it a mathematical formula is required.This is the generic calculation:Advertising value of your brand / Market advertising value = SOV Now, the SOV can be adapted in different environments.

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