Video ads are one of the most used by brands, since it is a format that drives engagement and has a high power to influence purchase decisions. But what kinds of videos are most persuasive? A new study from Cambodia Email List the Advertising Bureau, Millward Brown Digital and Tremor Video indicates that this depends on the audience you are targeting (and the ultimate purpose of the advertiser).

Thus, the shortest micro-ads, of only 10 seconds, would be the most attractive to seduce millennials, while with older audiences (between 35 and 54 years old) the most effective video ads would be those of a duration around 30 seconds.

To reach this conclusion, we analyzed the response of more than 1,800 consumers to two types of ads, one shorter and the other longer, through multiple screens such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

In addition to finding that shorter ads worked better with younger audiences, the study also found that millennials have a low tolerance for ad saturation in the mobile environment: video ads targeting them should therefore be fine. targeted, relevant and entertaining, so they can maximize their impact.

What all respondents agreed on is that 30-second video ads were the best option to explain new and complex information, especially through mobile. In fact, when asked how much new information an ad provided, 73% gave 30-second ads high marks, while 68% gave 10-second ads high marks.

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