From an idea of ​​two students to the intuition of the Chinese e-commerce giant, Singles Day is a celebration that celebrates being single and – more recently – love for oneself. Not only that, it is also a unique opportunity for your ecommerce and to increase your turnover with wonderful andUSA


What’s Singles Day?

Single’s Day, or singles day, is a holiday that was born in China in the early nineties and which gained popularity in 2009. But what exactly is it?

The two “founders” of this day were two Chinese university students who wanted to find a way to celebrate and celebrate their being single, a little in contrast to Valentine’s Day. In 2009, the Chinese giant AliBaba identified 11:11 as an incredible opportunity, and transformed what was born as a goliardic recurrence into a day of world shopping, capable of generating a turnover that is even the envy of Black Week .

One of the usual marketing gimmicks? It may be, but when it comes to ecommerce and to increase turnover, everything is broth, and the day of singles is an anniversary that more and more brands take advantage of.

November 11 or February 15?

Be careful not to get confused: singles’ day is 11 November, the day active cell phone number list when brands and ecommerce from all over the world organize sales and special offers dedicated to this event.

The date itself is symbolic, chosen as the number 1 represents a lonely individual.

The feast of singles on February 15, the feast of San Faustino and Giovita, is an all-Italian contrast to San Valentino, the feast of lovers.

Nevertheless, even the Bel Paese seems to prefer international celebrations, at least as regards sales and ecommerce.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot promote your ecommerce also on February 15th, perhaps with some special meme on your social channels, but we will talk about this later. As usual, however, remember that the important thing is to get involved.

The biggest shopping day in the world 

But is singles day really that important? The short answer is: yes, absolutely.

Doubts? Watch Alibaba’s revenue growth on Singles Day from 2011 to 2020


And it goes without saying that this trend shows no sign of stopping.

Other facts that you should know before asking yourself. Whether to include singles day in your marketing strategy for your ecommerce are:

  • In 2020, around 800 million people shopped on 11:11.
  • Alibaba’s Cainiao network processed over 32 billion deliveries during the offer period.
  • Emerging brands can record revenue equal to 25% of their annual sales during singles day alone.
  • 90% of orders placed on Singles Day came from mobile devices.

The day of singles in Europe 

It is true, in Europe the day of singles has not yet reached the popularity of much bigger holidays such as the Christmas period , but it is still obtaining a fair and significant success also in our areas.

If Germany and the United Kingdom are at the top of the charts, in Italy the popularity of singles day is still a little behind, but still growing steadily.

However, when it comes to ecommerce and marketing, it is essential to always be ahead of the trends. You certainly don’t want to miss out on precious opportunities and let your competitors take all that traffic, right?

That’s why you should start thinking about how to promote your ecommerce this single’s day right now.

How to promote your ecommerce on singles day? 

Singles’ day is a relatively new occasion, and thousands of people will be on the hunt for unmissable offers. 11.11 will be fierce and for you and your ecommerce it will be time to bring out the artillery.

But it’s not enough to offer them 50% off and free shipping. Your online store will need to be ready to deal with increased traffic and effectively respond to buyers’ interest.

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