More than half (56%) of adults with a connected television (CTV) surveyed in five European countries, and 52% of those in Spain, said they were willing to see advertisements on television in exchange for Germany Email Database free content in response to rising costs of streaming subscriptions, reveals a new consumer study commissioned by Samsung Ads Europe and conducted by Ipsos.

Samsung Ads Europe’s report, ‘The 2021 Connected TV Viewer’ comes from new research by Ipsos in which more than 5,000 consumers with a Smart TV in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France were surveyed to explore more fully the market context and understand the cultural influences that shape the role of Smart TV in the home.

Advertising receptivity
Smart TV users have a much more positive attitude towards advertisements on television compared to other devices and are at least twice as likely to consider them to be of better quality, entertaining and eye-catching, compared to advertisements on other devices In the home. 39% consider that Smart TV ads are of high quality, compared to 11% for mobile phones or 8% for laptops / computers, while 37% consider that Smart TV ads are entertaining, compared to 15% of mobiles and 8% of computers.

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