Behind every sale there are numbers, processes and strategies. But, first of all, there are people involved in this context, and when there are people involved, we have relationships. And relationship is the key word behind every sale. After all the advances in communication, disclosure about products, services and companies is largely concentrated on social networks. Through it, it is possible to connect and relate to countless people, who may become a potential customer of your company. In the midst of all this, social selling emerged, which is a key strategy that every sales professional must master in current times. In today’s article, we’ll show you what.

Social networks allow sellers

Social selling is and how it can help your company to win new customers. Check out! What is social selling? Social selling is a technique in which we use social networks to quickly find, engage and relate to the target audience in order to build Phone Number Data business opportunities. Basically, to interact with their prospects and even their current customers, whether exchanging messages, liking publications or sharing content. This will be useful both to generate new opportunities and warm up negotiations in progress and to stay close to customers who are already consumers of your service or product. Social selling, in addition to being a technique that has been widely used.

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Whole process can be done

Has also emerged as an improvement for business processes. After all, all sales representatives started to do numerous activities through networks, such as prospecting, qualifying and selling. Where to start? Now that we understand what social selling is, the next step is simple: define how and where to put it into practice. The key point is that this on any B2B Fax List of the networks: facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, among others. It’s up to you and your team to identify which one makes the most sense for your personas. But it is worth remembering some points about the most used social networks: facebook, twitter and instagram.

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