I am writing this article as an advertiser who is convinced that we have entered a change of era and that he believes that his profession has to change depending on how the world and people are changing. In addition, in parallel, the transition towards the Colombia Email Address replacement of the current economic model by that of circularity has begun. It ran the manufacture, purchase, throwaway ultimately ended consumerism.

Today we find large brands, Interface, for example, that are already manufacturing carpets from the recovery of abandoned fishing nets on the bottom of the oceans or manufacturers of “jeans” that calculate their water footprint and reduce it as they do in Levis , or others who weave from yarn obtained from used clothes and instead of selling the pants they rent it as is the case with Mud Jeans.

We are also living in the new era where companies reuse the leftover plastic from their packaging to turn it back into new packaging or other agri-food that convert animal waste into energy to move their processing centers. What I am telling you are realities. What I tell you is necessary to tell it so that people know it and are very clear that at the time they buy they are deciding what world they want to live.

Obviously all this is exciting, yes, but there is something that worries me and that is that from marketing and advertising it is not understood that in addition to being exciting it is real and must be told. So I am seeing a series of advertisements on television that are inspired by situations as real as the ones I am telling you but that neither the marketing director of the brand nor the creative of the agency dare to tell the true reality of the performance and behavior brand and choose to create ads based on simple emotions . For the record, my intention is not to criticize these spots.

Advertising is a complex emission / reception device, not a magical spring that makes people buy things without thinking. I mean that if a creative does not first listen to the collective beats ( reception ), few successful advertisements will be able to make ( broadcast ). And what do all these beats seem to claim today? Without a doubt, emotions. Emotions and more emotions, generally disconnected from any specific reference. Emotions just because. Playing this key is justified on many occasions, of course; in others, however, it is just a symptom of something that is not working collectively. But today advertising must begin to tell real stories

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