Analyzing the buyer person and being able to put yourself in their place is essential for the text to dialogue with the audience of a certain segment. Therefore, this reflection is a fundamental step to guarantee the quality of your text and the adequacy of your guideline.Thinking like this, we created a guide on how to analyze the buyer persona in a simple and effective way. Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Take a look at the following article and guarantee better guidelines and texts!What is the buyer person?The personas, or buyer personas , are semi-fictitious profiles created with the aim of helping a company better understand its audience . There are several actions that we must take to identify who the buyer persona is. This can range from mapping your online and offline behaviors, the challenges in your routine, the language used, etc.

This definition is essential for a well-constructed marketing campaign, mainly because the buyer persona will be the north for many of your strategic decisions.Without this information, for example, we have no basis to decide the language of the company, nor can we choose the most effective communication channel.With this knowledge, it becomes much easier to foresee what content will or will not be successful with your audience and, of course, create new links with your company’s businesses. And that’s when content planning comes into the picture.We’ve already talked about the importance of the guideline for planning your content, right?

To create a truly relevant guideline, we need to have a complete understanding of that person’s interests, tailoring them to the client’s services and product proposition.In this way, knowing how a buyer persona behaves in their buying journey leaves room for many strategic decisions, such as suggesting appropriate texts for each stage of a company’s sales funnel.So how can buyer persona information guide us in writing blog topics? Let’s find out now!How to analyze the person of a client when writing your guideline?For us, editors, the buyer persona is one of the best guides in the construction of the guideline (and consequently the text). Its analysis allows us to understand the desired focus, the appropriate language and, especially, the tone necessary for the text to fulfill its function within the sales funnel .To understand how to do a complete analysis we will see examples of people from different segments:

1. IntroductionThis is the first part we see of a buyer persona. Here we have access to your name, age, segment in which you work, education and a brief introduction of your profile.We can see that Kelly, our person in the Digital Marketing area, develops in the universe of communication and divides her study time with an internship. This little information is essential to think about the structure of future texts and the construction of the guideline .If the person has some knowledge in the area of ​​communication and we are going to build a text within this topic, it is clear that it will not be necessary to explain some basic terms of the area.We will not need, for example, to make guidelines such as “How to post an image on Facebook?” , since we have the information that she is a great user of social networks.We can also dispense with the use of overly formal language, especially depending on the age of the person and the area in which they operate.

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