Advertising stereotypes are commonly accepted images used to represent different groups of people in advertisements and commercials. Are they still Micronesia Email List relevant in the digital age? Find out in this article.

Tatiana foreroSep 21, 19 | 5 min readwhat is comparative advertisingThe use of stereotypes in advertising is old. Since brands try to increase sales, they have made use of these often simplistic or erroneous conceptions about groups of people, which do not take into account the particularities of each individual within that group.With the advent of the digital age ,

the way companies execute their advertising strategies has changed considerably.Instead of firing messages to large audiences from the mass media to large audiences, now there is the possibility of reaching specific niches with greater purchasing potential.

Does this mean that stereotypes in advertising are no longer relevant? We will talk about it in this article. Continue reading!

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