Paula may be a fictitious representation of a potential student from your educational institution, but she demonstrates the reality well: the profile of the students has changed and the way they seek information when choosing their academic future, too.This means that, Switzerland Email Database to improve the recruitment of students, your institution must be prepared and offer the best content to answer all the doubts of your audience.And to achieve this, it is essential to understand and map the marketing funnel of your educational institution, and that is precisely what we are going to teach you to do today.What is the sales funnel of an EI like?

The funnel of an educational institution is similar to the funnels of other markets , but it is more extensive.This happens because the decision process, which goes from choosing a course until enrollment becomes effective, is longer, with several stages.Once you understand it, it is possible to develop and invest in content marketing strategies that make your potential students increasingly educated and inclined to enroll.Then let’s get started:In the image, all the stages through which a student must go to enroll in an educational institution are highlighted.However, phase-to-phase conversions don’t always occur naturally, and there are marketing and sales strategies that can improve that process.And, for an efficient recruitment of students, it is necessary to integrate both funnels, as we saw in the image.What are the differences between the two funnels?The marketing funnel goes from attracting visitors and potential students to transforming them into interested and qualified contacts, who are already close by when they enroll in the selection process or in a course – depending on your institution.The sales funnel would be the continuation of that first funnel. In other words,

students who really confirmed their interest and reached the bottom of the marketing funnel from an action such as enrolling in a selection process, will continue to the sales funnel.To fully understand the two funnels, it is important to distinguish between each stage of your potential student’s journey: VisitorsVisitors are those who enter the site, blog or page, but do not carry out any conversion action and therefore have not yet been transformed into leads.LeadsThey are those students who potentials who carried out some conversion action by offering contact information to download some content.

But watch out! In this case, when we refer to conversion, we are not talking about a registration form or a registration. Those two stages occur in the second funnel, the sales funnel.The leads or prospects are still contacts are seeking more information through reading content, but still are not ready to make a decision.MQLs

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