Despite the fact that many users or casual observers tend to group e-Readers and Tablets in the same category due to their obvious similarities, Tablets seem to Austria Email List be a much more effective advertising platform for digital editions and magazines.

This is pointed out by a new study developed by GFK MRI’s Starch, although it highlights that it could still be too early to reflect this reality, since we must wait for the evolution of trends in the longer term.

Overall, 55% of consumers who read magazines on tablets say they ‘take notice’ of an ad they see on them. By comparison, the proportion of e-Reader users who do is only 41%.

Review ads on Tablets are also more optimal and likely to induce reader engagement. Among the group that took note of a magazine ad on Tablet, 26% said they had a more favorable perception of advertisers than before, compared to 19% of e-Readers readers.

Meanwhile, 21% of tablet readers who clicked on or interacted with an ad indicated that they were looking for information about the product or service offered a posteriori, compared to 15% of e-book readers who did the same. The proportion of those who said they were more likely to consider purchasing the product or service after seeing an ad is the same for the two devices (22%).

Some of the most dramatic differences were revealed when the specific types of ads and their level of response were explored. 23% said they accessed a website from an ad, 9% viewed multiple ad pages, and 8% said they entered through a video or commercial ad.

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