How can you know who wants to buy the product or service you offer? Well, the first step you must take is to delve a little into the data of Palau Email List who are already your customers .When you know what characteristics define them,

then you can start to attract a new audience that is profiled with the same particularities. One way to collect this data is through the small questionnaires that we are invited to fill out whenever we create a profile on a web page or sign up for a subscription.

In this sense, it is advisable to outline a good questionnaire to collect the right amount of data without this representing a nuisance for the user. Remember that it is something that can tire the public that could eventually end up abandoning the purchase.

What basic data should you collect from your audience? age : it is enough to know what decade they are in or what generation they belong to; location : knowing at least in which country your client resides, will allow you to know when to schedule advertisements so that they are more widely viewed; Language : the fact that you live in Spain does not mean that you have a perfect command of Spanish.

Never assume anything, it is always better to have the data that the client provides you directly; interests : in addition to the services and products you offer, what other interests do your clients have? what do you like to do?; purchase intention : how do you search for products when visiting your website? What order of filters do you use? For price? According to the characteristics of the product?2. Analyze social networks To complement the database that will help you define the target audience,

you can also go to the analytics of social networks . This will also allow you to have a broader view of the tastes and preferences of your potential customers .In addition, you will be able to fill those information gaps that are often left unanswered in the registration questionnaires that we discussed earlier. This will also allow you to study how your customers interact on social networks, which ones they use the most and when.

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