Telemarketing is a communication strategy that aims to offer services, products and promotions from a contact made by phone or mobile. Mauritania Email List To make it work, you can, for example, create a contact center, use Inbound Marketing and train employees, in addition to setting goals and accompanying them.


  readwhat is telemarketingTelemarketing can be an extremely valuable strategy for companies

that perform management and planning tasks.As customer experience is increasingly important to the success of any business, you don’t want to offer them a service that doesn’t satisfy them,

right?Suffice it to talk about telemarketing that most Latin Americans already remember bad experiences with this type of service.Distrust, unfortunately, has reason to exist: Latin American consumers are bombarded daily by unsuccessful and unsatisfactory calls.

Brazil is the first country on the list with 45.6 unwanted calls per month per user, the highest average in the world .But, there are other countries in the region that are in the top 10 in addition to Brazil: Brazil, which leads the list, then Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

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