If you want to have your own website or blog but you don’t have money to pay for a hosting service, you have the option of using free hosting, which, although limited, will allow you to start.The choice of hosting in which you will host your website is crucial, because this will depend on, for example, that your site is online all the time, that it supports the number of daily visitors it receives and can even affect the speed of your page .For this reason, it will always be advisable to hire a quality paid web hosting service, but since this is not always possible, it is good to know the best free hosting options that are currently on the market. This is precisely what we talk about in this article.When to use free hostingThe recommendation to use free hosting is Italy Phone Number List made especially for those cases in which the web project is small and there is no pretense that it will grow.In general, it is used for purely personal or test projects , since its characteristics are quite limited.There are many who take advantage of this type of service to make temporary websites, for example, to promote an event, and even to fulfill an academic project.In addition, it can also be useful to use it in those cases where you want to test a hosting before buying it.

You start with its free version and if you like how the platform works, you end up jumping to a paid plan.Finally, many people want to start their project without making a lot of investment and start with these types of plans at zero cost. Once the project is progressing and progressively getting visits, they switch to a professional hosting plan with resources.When not to use free hostingDo not use a free hosting provider if your website is a professional project ,

you are focused on receiving thousands of visitors a day, you think about making money with it, you want to position it and appear in the first search results or you want to create an online store .In short, do not use this service for anything that has not been mentioned in the previous section.So it will always be best to use paid hosting , which at present are not very expensive and offer different plans from which to choose the one that best suits you.What are the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting Everything has a positive and a negative side, and of course free hosting is no exception. The problem is that the disadvantages are more obvious than the advantages.AdvantagesYou pay absolutely nothing;you can host simple and personal projects;most have easy-to-use and

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