We are in 2022 and one thing is certain: if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you need to use video content.


In fact, according to a study on video marketing statistics , 8 out of 10 people decide to buy a product or service after seeing a video of the brand.

Not only that: 54% of people say they want to see more videos from brands.

So, if you haven’t yet started using video content to promote your business, build more brand awareness and give your company a competitive edge, now is the time to do it.

The 10 best sites to download videos for free

1. Pixabay

Suitable for: Anyone looking for a site to download free videos of excellent quality.


Pixabay offers more than 1.9 million free royalty-free photos and videos , shared by its generous community of creators.

Best of all, if you don’t check or understand the licenses of the video you want to download, you don’t run the risk of accidentally infringing copyright.

All the free videos you find on Pixabay, in fact, are published under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) : this means that you do not need any permission – nor to credit the creator – to use or modify them.

2. I saw

Suitable for: Those looking for unique free videos, even if they are not in 4K.

On Videvo you will find free videos (including motion graphics videos) created by the community.

The selection is huge and includes plenty of HD content and a handful in 4K.

The quality of the free videos on Videvo can vary – some are extremely professional, others were clearly shot without even a tripod. Some videos are available in MP4 format, others like QuickTime.

Like most free stock photo and video sites, many of the thumbnails you see on Videvo actually link to other platforms that charge for their content (like Shutterstock). In any case, here you will find many free videos for your business, like this one from YuNu :

All videos on Videvo have one of these three licenses, so it’s important to understand the differences. Here’s what you can do with each

3. Pexels

Suitable for: Those who want to choose from a large selection of free stock videos and “green screen” videos.


Pexels started out as a stock photo site, but today it also offers a huge selection of free videos.

Pexels’ free video collection is available as Creative Commons Zero (CC0) – this means you can use and edit the videos for personal or commercial purposes for free, without crediting the author.

There are videos to suit any niche , and all india phone number list most of them are less than a minute long.

The timelapses are made particularly well and there are a lot of videos shot with the GoPro.

Pexels also offers many “green screen” videos.

Many of these include mobile devices with a green screen, like in the video you see below. They allow you to replace the green screen with an image of your choice using a technique called “chroma keying “.

4. Videezy

Suitable for: Those looking for aerial shots and videos showing landscapes or natural elements.

Videezy is another site where you can download free videos online. Here you will find a wide selection of clips in HD and 4K resolution, including aerial shots with drones.

Again the quality varies, but a lot of the content is professionally crafted.

The files are available in MP4. You can check the resolution for each video

5. Life of Vids

Suitable for: Businesses looking for high-quality free videos for marketing purposes.

At Life of Vids you will find a good selection of free videos, including looped, high resolution and excellent quality videos. The site is owned by the Canadian marketing agency Leeroy .

The catalog isn’t huge, but all the videos are great. See for yourself:

All videos on Life of Vids can be used for personal and commercial purposes, as long as credit is given to the site. However, redistribution of content to other platforms is limited to 10.

The files are downloadable in MP4 format and you can select them in HD quality. You can download videos that are part of collections such as food, nature, people, office, drones and more. In addition, Life of Vids allows you to choose the resolution you prefer.

6. Coverr

Suitable for: Those looking for free website videos and video conferencing backgrounds of exceptional quality.

With an excellent selection of free videos of exceptional quality, on Coverr you will find the perfect material to use in your video and digital marketing campaigns , or to replace the Facebook cover image and create a unique and memorable visual.

Finding and downloading a video on Coverr is very easy: all you have to do is click on the content you like and embed it on your web page or use it in your project. You do not have to pay, register on the site or credit the author. The platform also offers a selection of instructional videos and code snippets.

While the selection or variety of videos on Coverr isn’t as exhaustive as some of the other sites on this list, the site offers a decent mix of aerial shots, time-lapse, and movie clips perfect for different projects.

7. Splitshire

Suitable for: those looking for free videos of natural landscapes, outdoors, with a coherent and unique style.

Splitshire is a free video download site created by web designer Daniel Nanescu, with the aim of making his videos and stock photos available to the public for personal and commercial purposes.

The content you find on this site typically features natural landscapes or outdoor scenes and is of professional quality.

The main advantage of Splitshire is that the videos – because they are made by one person – have a unique and consistent style that is difficult to find elsewhere. For example, if you were to create a video using multiple clips from Splitshire, the result would be extremely cohesive.

Of course, the fact that it is an individual operation also has some disadvantages: compared to the other sites listed, the choice of free videos is very limited.

8. Clipstill

Suitable for: those looking for free cinemagraphs (or animated photos).

Clipstill is not a free video site; rather, it is a platform on which you can find high quality cinemagraphs.

What is a cinemagraph (from the English cinemagraph )?

Good question. A cinemagraphy is a bit like a GIF; however, only parts of the image are animated in a continuous loop.

Cinemagraphs have a mesmerizing and suggestive effect, so they’re great for making your social media posts stand out.

All movies are available in MP4 and can be used for any commercial or personal use.

9. Dareful

Suitable for: Those looking for free 4K videos of exceptional quality.

Dareful seems to prefer quality over quantity, and offers an incredible collection of footage featuring looped landscapes and backgrounds.

Thanks to the categories and search bar, you can search for videos that match your needs and find the ones that are right for you in just a few clicks. Categories include aerial shots, fireworks, mountains, lakes, beach, summer, and more.

10. Vidsplay

Suitable for: Content creators looking for general free videos.

Vidsplay is another free video download site with a fairly large selection, to which new content is added every week.

The quality of free videos varies, but many are of professional quality:

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