Conflict management within a company brings great benefits to Monaco Email List both its managers and employees, since its resolution implies improving interpersonal treatment, increasing productivity and achieving positive changes in the entire work environment.

min readhow to do good conflict managementLabor disputes are discussions within the work area, between two or more people. And, they are much more common than we think, in fact, it is a logical consequence of the large number of hours daily that we share with our co-workers.They can be caused by:poor communication and misunderstandings between employees; differences in values ​​and interests;scarce resources in the company;

clashes of personalities between the company’s collaborators; poor performance of one or more individuals within the work unit; the absence of defined tasks and objectives for employees; the difficulty of one or more workers in working under pressure; a bad organizational climate in the company.

Whatever the cause, the management of labor disputes is crucial for any company and is one of the most difficult problems to handle, so it is necessary to know what to do when this case arises in your company. Continue reading!

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