With over 90% of searches worldwide, Google is undoubtedly number one among the most used search engines.

In January 2021 alone, it is estimated that 91.45% of searches took place on the Mountain View giant. In other words, more than nine out of ten users who search for information online do so through Google.

By comparison, its closest rivals, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo !, manage only a very small fraction of Google’s volume. The market shares of Bing and Yahoo! they are respectively 2.69% and 1.47% (with a total barely reaching 5%). These search engines aren’t strong enough to challenge Google’s dominance.

The main Chinese search engine, Baidu, has a market share of 1.2%, while the Russian Yandex reaches 1%. Both Baidu and Yandex are some of the most used search engines in the world.

If on the one hand this is the cross-section of the global scene of the most used search engines, what happens in Italy? Small anticipation: the situation is not very different.

The most used search engines in Italy

As in the whole world, even on our boot Google reigns supreme among the most used search engines. Indeed, the percentage of use rises compared to global statistics: 95.69% (Italy) against 91.45% (global).

In second place in the ranking of the most used fax list companies search engines in Italy we find Bing, which absorbs 2.89% of total searches, followed by Yahoo! with 0.89%.

In pursuit of Bing and Yahoo! we find DuckDuckGo in fourth place with 0.29% of searches and Ecosia in fifth place with 0.2%.

These data refer to all platforms (therefore desktop, mobile, tablet). But what happens when we go to look at the data divided by device? Google’s dominance is almost total:

  • 98.83% of mobile searches;
  • 91.08% of desktop searches;
  • 97.66% of searches from tablets.

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