Between the online environment and reality as we know it, the so-called physical world. For example, you can be at home and join a work meeting through your avatar. Or, still, be present at a show in the United States without leaving Brazil, through a hologram. What will the metaverse look like in e-commerce? Several companies will be impacted and will be able to take advantage of the metaverse to grow in the market. This is because it will be possible to offer a new shopping experience to customers and this is one of the most important assets from now on. A segment that has a lot to gain, for sure, is e-commerce. Because it has the power to revolutionize the way products are sold over the internet.

Contrary to What Many Entrepreneurs Think

This is not a technology that comes to make e-commerce difficult. In other words, this technology came to add value to the brand through differentiation. One of the only issues that will not be transformed with the arrival of this new concept is logistics . But the way customers are acquired, loyalty Country Email List and payment for items will undergo major changes with these new features. Below you can see how! Purchase forms Imagine two individuals having a face-to-face conversation. One of them talks about a piece of clothing he would like to try on and, while describing the item, the other visualizes the best stores and offers to buy it through a mixed reality headset.

The Focus of the Technology Offered by the Metaverse

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Tor e-commerce is to allow the customer to have access, in real time, to the products they wish to purchase. And of course, be able to complete your purchase in a completely virtual way. Acquisition In this scenario, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies would be required B2B Fax List for the acquisition. Through this conception, it will be possible to sell virtual versions and, in exchange, receive real money to survive in the market. In this universe, each avatar has an account and no one can take it away. It is possible to use these digital assets to do business, enabling the realization of various types of negotiation. omnichannel Another important concept of the metaverse in e-commerce is omnichannel.

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