Creating a successful landing page is one of the most important steps in almost any web marketing strategy.


It seems like a dream? Rub your eyes as much as you want, it’s pure reality! Now all you need to do is figure out how to create landing pages that keep visitors (and your potential customers) with their eyes glued to the screen.

Luckily we are here! In this article, we’ll reveal our tricks for creating successful landing pages, and provide you with some amazing examples to inspire you.

Landing page: what it is and why you can’t do without it

But let’s go in order: first of all, we need to understand what a landing page is.

The meaning of this English term is literally “landing page”, and the definition we give is that it is a web page structurally aim at conversion, to which a user is direct when he clicks on a banners, an advertisement or any other type of web marketing campaign.

Unlike the homepage or other pages of your site, in fact, landing pages have a very specific mission. Capture the attention of visitors for as long as possible, and make them carry out a certain action ( conversion ).

How a landing page works compared to the Homepage

The homepage of your site tends to be quite generic, it serves to present the visitor with everything you deal with, and offers links to other sections of the site.

It is an “open” page, from which the user is encouraged to leave by following the multiple links present, to discover the rest of the site and the information present.

On the contrary, a landing page is “closed”: there are no external links or possible distractions of any kind.

The only purpose of a page of this type is to push the user down, make him continue reading, guide him on an information journey that follows a series of fundamental elements, up to the fateful call to action: the sale, the request for contact information in exchange for a gift, or otherwise.

Landing page vs Squeeze page


You may have also heard of another type of page, namely the afghanistan mobile number details squeeze page: these are also pages with a specific function, namely that of acquiring contacts, but unlike landing pages, squeeze are short, monothematic and hyper-focused on the result. .

It usually consists of a few lines in which contact details are requested in exchange for something. The design is basic in order not to overload the user and not to distract him. It may not even be a separate page, but be included in some other section of the website.

The landing pages, as we will see, are instead something much more complex.

What should a landing page contain? 

So, the goal of a landing page is to lead the visitor to take an action. Subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product, fill out a contact form.

But how does he do it so effectively? Simple, because it is structure in such a way as to prevent him from doing anything else. Guide him on an information path that intrigues him. However, interests him and removes any doubt about the goodness of the call to action.

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