In the list of spaces in which advertising investment is growing, there has been a somewhat surprising movement. Despite the fact that in  Burundi Email List recent years the film industry has been lamenting a change in consumer habits and an associated decline in visits to cinemas,

the truth is that cinemas are one of the spaces in which advertising investment It has been growing lately. True: investment is not growing in an accelerated way and it is not leading a rise that endangers the throne occupied by other services and other screens, but yes, nevertheless, it is showing a movement that attracts attention and that deserves a some reflection.

The growth of advertising investment in cinema is, in fact, the highest of all the growths in advertising spending in Spain in the last five years. According to a study by InfoAdex , investment in film advertising has grown between 2010 and 2015 and has done so in the last year by 35.5% in Spain. Brands invest 22 million euros in advertising for cinema (figures from 2015),

which is still the lowest investment in advertising in Spain (in television, the sector that takes the most money, they invest 2,011.3 million euros) but that it is getting closer to the closest medium in investment, the Sunday newspapers. In 2010, brands spent 72.2 million euros on the Sunday press. In 2015 only 37.8 and its separation with the investment in cinema is getting smaller and smaller.

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