Advertising investment in Spain in the media increased 4.7% in 2015 compared to the previous year, reaching 11,742.2 million euros, thus consolidating the change in trend that began in 2014 when it Haiti Email List reached 11,211.2 million. euros, according to the new ‘Study of Advertising Investment in Spain 2016’ presented by Infoadex.

According to the details of the new study, the growth rate of conventional media (television, Internet, radio, press), during the past year 2015 was 7.5%, going from 4,665.9 million euros to 5,016 , 7 million investment. As a consequence, the percentage of the total market obtained by conventional media in 2015 was 42.7%, a figure that is 1.1 points higher than the previous year.

Non-conventional media (‘mailing’, telephone marketing, mailings and brochures, or sports sponsorship events, among others) represented 57.3% of the total investment in 2015, with 6,725.5 million euros invested in the year, This figure is 2.8% higher than the 6,545.2 million registered in 2014.

During the presentation of the study, it was revealed that the estimated real investment in conventional media has reached 5,016.7 million euros during 2015, a figure that represents a growth of 7.5% compared to the figures for the year 2014.

By media, television continues to be the first medium by volume of business, with a 40.1% share of all conventional media. The investment growth experienced by the television medium in 2015 was 6.4%, placing its figure at 2,011.3 million euros compared to 1,890.4 million the previous year.

In this way, the estimated real investment achieved by national free-to-air televisions has reached a figure of 1,805.1 million euros, with a growth of 6.1% over the 1,701.1 million that this group registered in the year 2014, while regional televisions amount to 132.3 million euros

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