When a brand is so ingrained in people’s minds, to the point that it substitutes the category of the product of which it is part, we can say that it Yemen Email List has reached the top of mind!When you beat yourself up, do you look for bandages or Band-Aids? Sure, it depends on the country you are in:

When you brush your teeth do you use toothpaste or Colgate?These are just a few top-of-mind brands, those at the top of the minds of your customers and potential consumers as well. These brands not only become a reference of their niches of action , but also,

in other related spaces, when the objective is to communicate the values ​​of the company .As in the case of Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics brand with a global presence, present in the debate on sustainable means. You must already be wondering: how to do that? In this text we brought an overview of this expression, its importance,

what are the fundamental steps in its search and why accompany brands that have already become a reference. What does the expression “Top of Mind” mean? Translating literally, the term “top of mind” means “top of mind.” In a colloquial expression of Spanish, we could understand it as: «on the tip of the tongue» . In this way, they are the brands that easily come to the mind of the consumer.

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