If you haven’t heard of Twitch yet, you’ve probably lived in a cave up until now. And if you have heard of it and you have never been interested in it because you thought it was a platform reserved for the very young and only for gamers, this article will make you change your mind.

But what is Twitch? 

What is the reason for this success? The abandonment of the classic video for live video has allowed the “streamers” (ie the users who create the videos) to interact in a new and extremely powerful way with their following, and – not negligible detail – to earn directly thanks to their viewers.

So much so that right now the available areas are:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Talk show
  • Sport
  • Travel and outdoor
  • A chat
  • Food and drink
  • Special events

So let’s see how Twitch works and what are the features available to users.

Who are the Twitch users? 

Sure, Twitch is a platform for young people, but not as young as you might think.

More than half of Twitch users are between 18 and 34, and 14% are between 13 and 17.

Whether you are interested in streaming or are looking to reach this target audience, understanding how Twitch works will be extremely helpful!

How does Twitch work? (Boomer-proof explanation) 

On the platform’s home page you can read:

“You have a passion to share. A talent to be taught. A story to tell. From games to music, from sports to many other things, there is an audience waiting for you on Twitch. “

It is therefore clear that the potential of this tool is truly incredible. So let’s see how it works and what are the features it offers.

How to join Twitch 

Are you wondering where to see these wonderful live shows? Nothing could be easier: from the official website, from the handy mobile app or even directly from the game consoles. The only thing to do – to be able to use all the features and enjoy a personalized user experience – is to create an account!

All you need to sign up for Twitch is an email or phone number, a nickname and your details. A couple of clicks, and you will immediately find yourself in front of the Discover section, with the infinite amount of video streams available .

Once you have chosen the first stream all mobile no list to follow, you can comment and interact with other viewers in the chat section.

Of course, you can also review content that is no longer live, from the “Video” section of the channel you are interested in.

Sub or non-Sub: how to use Twitch

Let’s start by saying that yes, Twitch is free, but – like YouTube and just about any other platform – it shows its users ads. The good news is that you can eliminate this with the Subs.

Subs, or subscriptions, allow you to completely eliminate advertising and obtain certain advantages based on the selected channel. By joining a channel, you’ll get exclusive emoticons, badges, and more.

Furthermore, the real innovation of the Sub is the possibility of supporting their favorite streamers, who earn thanks to these subscriptions (but we will talk about this very soon). So, not just a way to eliminate advertising, but to become part of something bigger and to contribute to the success of your favorite streamers.

Do you understand how ingenious and innovative this platform is?

Each channel will therefore offer its fans three levels of subscription, with different prices and benefits.

It is always possible to change your Sub from the channel page, by clicking on the “Subscriber” button and selecting the new desired level.

Our Bezos then also thought of its Amazon users: those who have a Prime subscription will be able to enjoy a Sub every month to be used on any channel.

So, with Prime gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime), you just need to click on “Sign up for free” on Twitch to be able to get your benefits.

Otherwise, you can choose your tier and pay monthly for your Sub to your favorite channels, by card, Twitch Gift Card, Amazon Pay, Paypal and other payment options.

How to make followers on Twitch 

Outside of the “traditional” fees of Instagram and other social networks, followers are still a fundamental part of Twitch too. On the other hand, if a streamer starts publishing his videos on the platform, it is reasonable to assume that he wants to grow and establish himself within that target.

But how to grow on Twitch? How to get more views and followers?

  • Find a niche: First – a bit like dropshipping – you need to find a niche in the market and choose the type of content to publish. Then you will need to set up a schedule for your channel, and let your followers know how often you will post your streams.
  • Check the quality – it might seem obvious, but don’t underestimate the quality. Make sure your streams have high video and audio quality, and that you have a good internet connection – the last thing you want is to disconnect on the best of live!
  • Interact with your audience: always remember that your followers will allow you to earn and will also give you the charge to continue posting interesting and quality content. Never forget to interact with your fans, and always try to entice them to engage.
  • Promote your streams: You can share your Twitch streams on other platforms as well, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Also remember that Twitch Partners and Affiliates can add to their social media pages, or any other channel, a link that links to their Sub page, using the

Get noticed: customize your channel 

Personalizing your Twitch channel is a great way to get noticed and to stand out from other streamers.

A bit like your site’s home page, your channel is your business card and your fans will make a first impression from its appearance, even before viewing your content.

But what aspects can you change?

  • Profile image and banner: The first thing your fans will see is your profile banner, and they will recognize you thanks to your personal image. Make sure your profile photo does not exceed 10MB, while the recommended banner size is 1200 x 480 px. On Canva you can find tons of templates to create your Twitch banner .
  • Profile Color: You can further customize your channel by choosing an additional color that will be used to highlight your content on Twitch. Additionally, you can also choose a video player banner that your fans can view when you are offline.
  • Bio and links to social channels: tell something about yourself, introduce yourself to your fans and offer them the opportunity to follow you on your social channels as well. This way you will have links and SEO content that search engines can use to recognize you.
  • Channel scheduling: let your users know the days and times you will broadcast your streams, so that they are always up to date and you don’t miss a single live!
  • Channel Trailer: A streaming-based platform couldn’t underestimate the importance of videos. The channel trailer is a video that your viewers will see when offline. Use it to introduce yourself and your content, remind your fans to follow you, and invite your followers to interact. Remember that trailers cannot exceed 60 seconds.

How to live on Twitch

Want to start streaming on Twitch? You have several alternatives, depending on the device you choose to use.

Streaming from the app 

By choosing the app, you can stream your live video directly from your mobile device. Just click on the camera symbol at the top right and choose whether to broadcast IRL, that is your life wherever you are, or play – currently in Beta.

Streaming from your computer 

If, on the other hand, you want to stream gaming or other content using your PC or console, a few more steps are necessary:

  1. Make sure your computer or console meets the system requirements for streaming and that you have a good microphone and a high-quality webcam.
  2. Install the software you need for streaming, which is what is called broadcasting software . You can choose from several options that you can find on the Twitch site .
  3. Connect Twitch to the broadcasting software you downloaded in the previous step.
  4. Once the setup is complete, all you have to do is start your stream and win over your followers!

Stream from PS4 or Xbox One

To stream from PlayStation or Xbox One, simply download the Twitch app, follow the steps for the streaming setup wizard and you can start the broadcast directly by clicking on the appropriate command.

How to make money with Twitch 

We’ve already talked about subscriptions, which are the most “stable” way to support your favorite streamers, but there are so many other ways streamers can make money with Twitch.


Donations are a kind of “tip” that fans of the channel donate to their favorite streamers. They have no benefits and are not used to eliminate advertisements.

Additionally, donations are generally implemented by services outside of Twitch, such as PayPal. Either way, each streamer is free to manage donations independently.


Bits are nothing more than Twitch’s virtual currency, which you can purchase for real money.

This virtual good allows you to support streamers, get noticed in channel chats, get recognition in the rankings and from the streamer and unlock real rewards during special events.

Not only that, the bits also allow you to chat in rooms reserved for subscribers only.

Basically, you can use bits to “cheer” your favorite streamers., All over the world.

You can buy bits either directly via the bits icon in the chat or by clicking on the “Buy Bits” button.

The world of cryptocurrencies: Refereum 

Refereum is a cryptocurrency, which is a virtual currency, which can be earned by watching live streaming or streaming on Twitch.

In practice, thanks to Refereum, not only streamers earn, but also fans who watch videos. The accumulated Refereums can then be spent, just as if it were real money, to buy video games.

Twitch Affiliates and Partners 

Twitch knows that streaming is not a game, and that content creators are a real job.

That’s why he created the affiliate program, allowing streams to make money not only from Subs and Bits, but also from selling games.

The Partner program, on the other hand, is dedicate to affiliates who are ready to level up. In order to become a Twitch Partner, you must contact the platform directly .

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