Twitter is a microblogging service that allows its users to send text messages of up to 140 characters, whose use at the corporate level is growing on a large scale.For companies, the goal of Azerbaijan Mailing Data using Twitter and other social media is to build relationships, since in the long term engaging in a conversation is more important than selling the product, because users will quickly tire of receiving only tweets with links to the website. company website or product or discount announcements.

The attractiveness of Twitter is based on the possibility of reaching an extremely large number of potential customers through messages successively re-sent by the followers of the company, where each user who reads the messages can become a visit to the company page and, perhaps, a buyer of the products.

For this reason, the Twitter account must be fundamentally aimed at disseminating information and content that maintain the interest of followers and help create a relationship of trust with them.

The key is not to seek to promote the brand, but to be interested in its followers and their experiences. Make connections and strengthen communication ties, argue consistently about the causes you support, your values, and any relevant information for your audience. Interact with enthusiasm, take an interest in their opinions and show a willingness to make changes in your strategy, in response to their suggestions.
The main uses and advantages of Twitter are:

It is a means to cover live events or communicate breaking news
Covering an event with live tweets is a new communication channel. Users who are making tweets about the topics that will be discussed at the event and those who mention the brand or product should then be sought, since they will be the most likely to tweet about the event and thus make it go viral.

To do this, you have to publish information about what is happening in the event as well as any important announcement from the exhibitors or participants. A hashtag (#event) must be created where interested parties can follow the updates and related tweets. This will help to have a real-time report of the acceptance and coverage of the event.

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