Surely, the dedicated server is the best option for those who want to guarantee maximum performance for the site and, of course, have total control of Yemen Email List their hosting environment.


After creating a website , it is possible that it will have excellent traffic and, consequently, present problems due to its hosting. To fix them,

it is necessary to use a technology not compatible with the plan and this is the ideal time to consider a dedicated server. Today, any company can have a dedicated server at an affordable cost , ensuring all the advantages that a hosting like this guarantees the client.

What is a dedicated server? Before talking about the concept of a dedicated server, it is important to understand what a server is .Well, in short, it is a computer with a centralized computer system or software that offers services to a network of computers , known as a client. Now that we explain what a hosting server is, we can talk about the dedicated server.

It is a model that can be both for systems (such as Business Intelligence or ERP ) and for sites where the company ensures a totally exclusive server in the data center .This means that full customization of needs is guaranteed, from storage space to RAM size and processing speed. Do you know what is the main difference between shared and dedicated server? While in the first,

the hosting is exclusive for clients, in the second, the hosting is divided among several contractors. Surely, when space is shared, it can have a negative impact on the performance of the server, limiting access to websites at certain times or the operation of systems.

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