With so much competition from websites, positioning a page or content requires a lot of dedication in SEO optimizations . Only that guarantees the first page of Google and, mainly, the first results. In this mission, the Schema Markup has become a great ally to give you that highlight.Once used by a page, that code improves communication with search engines, resulting in more visibility for Chile WhatsApp Number List a content.As you can see, for those who work with content marketing , it is essential to know what the Schema Markup is. Follow us to understand how to use it and the benefits it can bring you!What is the Schema Markup?The fact that the Google algorithm better communicates and recognizes optimized websites is nothing new. There are a variety of SEO resources to improve ranking and visibility, many of them are detail driven. The Schema Markup is part of that reality, having great importance.In practice, it is a code inserted into the HTML of websites. It is a very simple change that is based on copy and paste, but that generates significant impacts on the strategy.


The Schema Markup is a tag vocabulary that helps Google understand what can be found on that website. In other words, through this set of codes, the algorithms identify what the content is about and what topics it is related to.It is a kind of translation resource for Google that helps to better position websites that use this brand in their code.The impact on the resultsThe Schema Markup still raises some questions, but it is important for companies and content producers to understand that it has become more relevant. In recent times, using this bookmark has become a decisive differential for a website.A proof of this is that since 2017, turned the marker one fact or r positioning by Google.

The algorithms try to identify this vocabulary on the pages, penalizing those who do not use it.In practice, search engines have more difficulty understanding the content of the pages when they do not use this marker. So, it is natural that the contents that are already optimized in this sense appear better positioned in the Google ranking.The performanceThe simple Schema Markup code works quite effectively when it is added to the HTML code of websites. Automatically generates an improved description of what is on the page. This function is what has an immediate impact on the relationship with algorithms and favors positioning.Also, through this microdata code, websites make an effort so that Google understands what they contain. This improvement in the description generates a better relationship with the algorithm and places the content on the first pages .

How to use that code?Schema Markup has specific applications, that is, it can be used in some types of content and pages when they appear in Google results. That means that there is a great variety of bookmarks, because there are websites and content of all kinds looking for the first positions of the results.When a page uses Schema Markup, it appears differently in search engine results. The main change, and the one that makes the difference, is the greater wealth of information on the first visualization of the links . Those that are more abundant in detail, generally, use that marking.For search engines, the breadth of this information represents greater functionality for those who do the search. In practice, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search sites just want to deliver the user a result that is as close as possible to their intended search for the keyword .

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