If you have never heard of MVP, you should know that it is one of the most used methodologies of the digital age when it comes to the development of new products.It is not by chance, the MVP avoids wasting time and money on projects that will not bring the expected results for companies, especially for startups .In this article we will talk about the importance of this method, the step by step to create a PMV and the mistakes that you should avoid in Czech Republic Phone Number List this process. Follow us and learn how to use this method!What does PMV mean?MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product , or in Spanish Minimum Viable Product.Product developers know that many ideas can come up in everyday life, but not all of them are really interesting.Sometimes we think that something can be extremely useful, make big sales and be successful, but the reality turns out to be very different, even with great marketing and advertising efforts .The problem with these projects that do not advance is the investment and the time allocated for their development.But then how do you know which product is really good or which should be prioritized? The answer is: creating a model!The idea behind an MVP is to develop a trial version of your project , with a minimum investment and financial time and that, at the same time, is able to offer the

same values ​​as the finished product.In this way, the idea can be tested and, if it is approved, all the necessary structure for its development will be applied.The startups are most used concept MVP, as they usually have little money and a central idea of novelty in the market.Those responsible must be quick to develop it and put it into practice effectively, capturing resources and investing them in the right places.However, don’t think that only small businesses use this concept. Small, medium or large, any organization must use the Minimum Viable Product to optimize its resources.

Why is PMV so important to the success of a product?MVP is conceptually a smart way to test the success of an idea before investing money or time on it.If we stop to think, there are several products launched by the main brands that required a high investment, but did not have the expected success.It happened, for example, with the food products of the Colgate brand, very famous for toothpastes.The brand invested in creating foods like frozen lasagna to diversify its product mix, but the results were not attractive.Did they test the product on the market before making the investment? If they didn’t, they should have!Facebook itself, today the largest social network , was already a PMV. The platform was tested by Mark Zuckerberg with his colleagues at Harvard University.

The minimum viable product is not only to define if a product is a good bet or not. Prototyping and testing market acceptance provides valuable feedback .It is interesting to use the strategy to formulate the best product. The final project can be quite different from that initial test, it will all depend on the public response.The important thing is that even as an MVP, your product maintains a core value proposition.That is, why is your product valuable and necessary for someone? What problems does it solve? What are your differentials in the market compared to other existing options?It does not matter if a product is a PMV or not, the essential thing is that it has these values ​​so that the test is really efficient.

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