content for the corporate imageOne of the great challenges of marketing is understanding what the consumer wants, thinks and needs. Despite being simple bases, it is complex to have a high level of precision in this evaluation. Therefore, it is never very safe for a professional to say that he knows what his client likes. The empathy map is a tool that, although it is recent, gives good support to this understanding.Having the same vision from the perspective of the brand public can be a very important differential. Peru Phone Number List Consequently, companies are able to act in a more strategic way, achieving outstanding results.In this content, you will understand more about what the empathy map is, how it works, what its purpose is and how it can be developed. Check it!What is the Empathy Map?Empathy. That word has never been as used as in recent years. In practice, it is an important feeling for society, since it consists of putting oneself in the place of another person, exercising a more just and comprehensive position. Various human perceptions help compose some of the main marketing tools, and empathy is just one more.Companies need to know in depth who they are selling to, who is related to and is close to their brand.

For that, it is necessary to detail the expectations, problems and demands of these people. The empathy map works in this aspect, with the proposal of establishing a more empathic vision of brands in front of their consumer.This map is developed in a simple and graphic scheme, which allows a very objective perception of

what is being analyzed. It can be done in various ways, such as on whiteboards, screens, flip charts and on any other platform. In this space, two types of information will intersect: what the public thinks and needs and what the company can understand from its studies.In a simple way, the ideas are distributed by each of the spaces on the map, according to the demands of the public. The application is very useful in various stages of communication, with little thought about general marketing strategies. The map can also be very useful when developing website design , for example considering some UX parameters.

The relationship of the empathy map with the concept of buyer persona.An important marketing concept is the buyer persona . Since it helps brands to better understand how their audience behaves and what their needs,

wants and searches are. Naturally, a series of details such as personality, shopping habits , socioeconomic status and age impact the way they consume, The buyer persona is a very precise tool to help evaluate all these characteristics and draw a standard model of the brand’s audience. This is done from research and studies that help to understand all these questions. Consequently, the person is a fictitious profile that represents the behavioral pattern of the consumer of that brand.With this base model, it is possible to develop campaigns, actions and products with a greater capacity to please the public. Compared to the buyer persona, the empathy map details in depth to understand the feelings, desires, thoughts and the evaluation of the public regarding the brand.Against this, it can be stated that the buyer persona and the empathy map are directly related and that one depends on the other. As a result, the most precise strategies and approach is obtained, since the brand has a wide and deep knowledge about who its customer is.

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