What would our life be without the user interface? It is the medium that allows us to interact and communicate with our laptop, smartphone, tablet and many other devices that are part of the daily life of a 21st century citizen.In this age of digital transformation , it is very important to know what this element is about and what aspects characterize it. That is precisely what we want to talk to you about today!If you think it is a good idea to Malaysia Phone Number List learn the most interesting factors of the user interface and understand for sure how it works, follow us!What is the user interface or UI?In a simple way, we can define it as the means through which the user interacts with a technological device. This encompasses all points of contact between the person and the team.To understand it better, you must be aware that every time you open email, make an electronic transfer, send an emoticon or any other similar action, you are communicating with a software and operating system.Basically, you broadcast or point out what you want to do and it responds.This is allowed by the user interface!


What types of user interface are there?There are 3 types of user interface according to their design and purpose : software,hardware,and software-hardware .Let’s see what they are about!Hardware interfaceIt encompasses all those elements that allow data to be entered, processed and delivered, such as the famous keyboards and “mice”, as well as screens.

Software interfaceIt is the one that provides information on the processes and control tools, which can be easily observed by the user on the screen of their device.Software-hardware interfaceWithin the user interface, this is the one that bridges the gap between the machine and people.It generates a virtuous circle in which the device understands the instructions of the individual and, in turn, this understands the information of the device, through the translation of the binary code into simple elements.Also, the user interface can be classified according to the way it interacts with humans.Under this scheme, we can affirm that there are command line, graphical user and natural user interfaces.The command line interface is alphanumeric, that is, it only presents text,

while the graphical user interfaces visually represent the control and measurement elements to optimize communication with the user and, in general, the user experience .As for the natural user interface, they are those that directly connect man and machine.Touchscreens and speech recognition tools like Siri and the Google Assistant are very good examples.What are the characteristics of the user interface?Now that you know what the user interface is and what its types are, it’s time for you to take a look at its main features and values: ClarityA good interface conveys information accurately to prevent the user from making mistakes during interaction.ConcisenessIt is about giving the user only the information they need and ask for.CoherenceThis feature is what makes an interface intuitive, allowing the person to create usage patterns in a simple and practical way.

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