The role of the content strategist or Content Manager is to create quality content, which is useful for users seeking to fill a need.On the other hand, human centered design is key to establishing experiences and solutions that speak the language of the people.Can there Belize WhatsApp Number List be a synergy between the two?In the next post I will explain why the content strategist has to team up with UX design designers and what are the keys that are needed to carry out a content strategy based on user experience or UX Writing.But let’s start by clarifying concepts:What is UX designWell, let’s define these two words with some examples. When you enter a website or application, the first thing you notice is that you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for.

The data is ordered and you have the possibility to interact with the pages or filter, download, add information or carry out more personalized searches. This is user experience or UX .There are also other cases where the usability of a device or application has to be understood only by the simple fact that the words are there with an objective for the user.Easy and dynamic examples we have in Spotify, Mercado Libre, Amazon, among other sites.That is what UX design or interaction design is all about, it consists of planning and designing how the user experience will be when they enter a website. In short, it is designing desirable products that meet customer needs, beyond aesthetic requirements.Content is the futureWhile this is the process for digital design; ideas, storytelling, and content strategy are also highly-demanded skills in today’s job market. The future is in writing for a reason.


For example, in Silicon Valley , content matters more than you think.Design teams are realizing that choosing the right words when creating products or interfaces is essential for a good user experience.In another example, we can see different formats of web interfaces, where the word has the power to attract more prospects or those interested in acquiring a product or service.Writing in the UX design processThe role of the content strategist in the design process begins even before creating wireframes .Designers realize that to make interfaces even more usable, content development cannot be left to the last minute.An application or website is a conversation with a user, so the content should come first, not the design.ux writingThis is where UX Writing or user-based writing was born .We start from the fact that it is not always clear what the work of a copywriter or content manager implies , therefore, UX writers or UX Writers write content according to the needs of buyer personas.

Before designing the flow of the experience or the layout of the screens, the story to be told must be defined.For this reason, the ideal is that the editors or Ux Writers participate from the beginning, working hand in hand with the designers and developers , to define the stories that they want to convey with the product.

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