The digital transformation has not only changed the way we communicate with the world, but is also changing the way we buy and sell almost any  Guam Email List type of products or services.The Internet today gives us endless possibilities and one of them is virtual stores, which bring about a

metamorphosis regarding our way of life.Do you want to know everything about online stores? Read on and find out!What is a virtual store?A virtual store or online store is a website specially designed to sell products or offer services through electronic commerce .

One of its main benefits is that this Internet space allows sellers to display their merchandise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from anywhere.Elements and characteristics of an online storeFor a virtual store to meet the proposed objectives and be useful

it must have the following factors: Venue  LocationUnlike physical stores, it is not necessary to rent a place, but to have a web space with a good platform that adapts to our needs and those of the clients .In addition, this store can be located within its own domain on the Internet or a shared platform can be used in some “virtual shopping center”.

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