Many of the elements that make Digital Marketing so successful in companies of all sizes and segments are fairly straightforward. The list includes e-mail, social networks and blogs, that is, channels and tools that we personally use every day. In this way, the bridge to start using the same resources to do business is smaller. In other cases, it is necessary to go a little deeper in technical matters to explore what the best internet has to offer to businesses. A good example of this is a web crawler, an element that greatly impacts the digital strategy of Turkey Phone Number List companies, mainly in SEO .But how do you use something you don’t know? Read on and discover everything you need to know about web crawler, including how to master this resource to achieve good results. What is a Web Crawler? A Web crawler, or bot, is an algorithm used to analyze the code of a website in search of information, and then use it and generate insights or classify the data found. A very classic example of a web crawler is on search sites , such as Google, Bing, and others. Think about how you do research on those search engines.

For each expression searched, a list of YouTube sites, blogs, and videos appears. But how do those search engines find each site and rank them in a specific order as they appear on the screen? Through web crawlers. The main ones are: Googlebot, the Google crawler; Yahoo !, Slur, from Yahoo!;Monbiot, used by Microsoft in the Bing search engine. However, today that is not the only use of the web crawler algorithm . There are tools that can be used by anyone to analyze their own site for ideas and points of improvement.

Creating your own web crawler requires programming knowledge, but there are also paid and even free open source options. Some that you can use are: On crawl , a crawler that performs full SEO audits on the site; Dyno Mapper , focused on the automatic creation of site maps;, an open source system written in C  language; Screaming frog, which has a complete SEO toolkit to improve your site after analyzing it; Pacifier, perfect for monitoring the competition and guiding important decisions for the site itself. How do Web Crawlers work in practice?

It is already clear to us that web crawlers analyze sites and collect information, but how do they do that? IN the past, it was necessary to send your site to search engines, such as Google, so that they find your pages with more speed. Today it is still possible to do that, but it is enough to get some backlinks to your site that already enters the radar of the search engines. Also, that helps us understand how crawlers work: examining links. These algorithms do a check on the web. They collect information from each line of code on the site, page by page, and follow each link that is in it, internal and external. In this way, they can map all the sites that have links to each other and put together a general picture of the entire internet, so to speak.

Already in the case of private web crawlers, which you can use to evaluate your own site or those of the competition, the same process occurs, only on a smaller scale. Ultimately, the crawlers will be limited to the sites you want to research.

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