what are cookiesThese “cookies” are part of the measurement methods of web pages and most modern browsers support them and believe it or not, they can help you in your Digital Marketing strategy !If you use the Internet, you will have come across a message similar to Jordan Phone Number List “this website uses cookies” at some point, right? But what does it actually mean? Read on and find out.What are cookies?Cookies are data files (not codes) created and sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser .In this way, the website can consult the previous activity of the browser and detect the pages visited by the user.However, a cookie cannot erase or read information from Internet users’ computers, nor does it identify a person, but rather recognizes a computer-browser-user combination.What are cookies for?These files have a lot of functions and that is why they are so important on the Internet. Here are the main ones: Differentiate usersThey are commonly used by application

servers to distinguish users and accordingly act in a different way, personalizing their browsing and offering them the most appropriate content according to their habits.The intent of this information is to let websites know if a specific user accessed it for the first time or is a recurring user.

Improve user experienceCookies are created when a browser is used to visit a website that uses them, thus allowing: track user movements around the site;help tell you where you left off the navigation; remember your login;select theme, preferences, and other customization features; provide relevant content according to the location of the Internet user; allow experience easier for the user;among others.

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