The marketing and corporate environment are two examples of areas filled with Australia Phone Number List new concepts and terms, which may confuse those who are not accustomed to using these words in their daily lives.However,

they often have a simple meaning and can be frequent in the routine of professionals to a higher degree than they imagine.An example of this is the stakeholder concept .

Do you know what one is? Despite having a great impact on the decisions made by companies, many people are unsure of the definition of the term and how relevant it is to their organization.Do you want to find out about this matter?

So keep reading this article and understand what a stakeholder is, how they influence the operation of companies, how to identify who fits into this profile and the difference between this term and another very similar one.What are stakeholders?Concept created in the 1980s by the American philosopher Robert Edward Freeman, stakeholder is any individual or organization that,

in some way, is impacted by the actions of a certain company. In a free translation for Spanish, it means «interested parties» Freeman argued that stakeholders are essential and should always be taken into account in the strategic planning of any business.In this way, understand that the success or failure of any company will always affect not only its owners but will also affect everyone around it, that is, its workers, its partners, suppliers, competitors, everyone’s families. those involved and of course their customers

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