What is it that works in advertising and what is it that causes ads to excite consumers, propagate them to the most viewed lists and make them viral beyond simply watching them on television? There are many Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List answers to those questions, from studies on the evolution of advertising to neuromarketing analysis of what is succeeding, and many lists that show in absolute numbers what works.

The last list is signed by Ace Metrix, a firm that analyzes the content consumption patterns of American viewers (hence their results are listed for that market) and their response to them. The company launched a list of the ads that have gotten the best response and from this data very valuable conclusions can be drawn. Looking at the top ten ads on the list helps you understand not only what brands are doing but rather what is getting good responses.

No cliches and empowering

One of the trends that became something of a recurring element in advertising in 2015 was what became known as empowerment advertising. Firms such as Pantene or Dove launched advertisements along these lines that became very popular and Always created a campaign, Like a Girl , which despite being aimed at the US market was viral all over the world and was shared and reproduced everywhere. Empowering advertising, which gives a contemporary and realistic view of women and transmits positive messages, has established itself among the successful ads and continues to be one of the best results.

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