Much of the negativity surrounding long form content is because it can be tedious and endless.But the full-length content isn’t just long, it’s also UK Phone Number List packed with visual stimulation, sub-headers, and straightforward navigation cues to keep it informative, yet digestible.


Mainly with the new WordPress editor , Gutenberg, it is very easy to insert these resources into the content.

Other things that can break into content include Tweet boxes, or even a table of contents – these little touches create a huge cumulative difference in the reception of a long piece.By mixing visual content into thoughtful,

high-quality articles, you make your text walls amazing and mentally engaging.2. They allow you to combine words with imagesIt is not enough for a long-form article to be simply 1,200 words or more. You also need ten to twelve images to stand out and keep it from being a solid wall of words.

So, if you’ve committed to creating long articles, make sure you don’t stop at word count alone. Add some images to keep things readable and shareable.3.

They have better quality and richness of detailsLong articles allow you to create better content.How many times have you come across a post that promises to be a “complete guide” only to find that it is simply a topic? -Well, that’s pretty frustrating.

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