On the road to business success, the first and foremost thing is to ensure that the foundations of your company are solid to withstand any situation, what do we mean? Well, of course, we are talking about the values ​​of a company.The values ​​of a company define from head to toe the ethical, moral and business principles of the organization, in addition to making the corporate identity very clear, along with its mission and vision .In this article, we have prepared a complete and precise content on what the values ​​of a company are, their importance, types of values ​​and how to Colombia Phone Number List spread them effectively within your business. Get ready!What are the values ​​of a company?They are formed by all those ethical and professional principles on which we base all activities within the company, which show, in one way or another, its identity and spirit.We could say, they are the personality traits of the company that, summarized in a simple and concise way, are used to transmit to their own and third parties the route that the founders or managers have decided to take.

The simplest way to “choose” them is to ask yourself who the owner of the company is and what he believes in, how he responds to crisis situations and how he wants his environment to define him. In this way, you can trace that personality and determine the values ​​of a company.In addition, as a marketing strategy, corporate identity is essential to define aspects such as the target audience, tone of the message, needs, among others.

Definitive guide to content creation for B2B companiesWhy are business values ​​important?Haven’t you come across a company where everyone seems to be going a different way? Well, those are classic business cases that do not have the values ​​of a company well marked or respected by its members.Here are some really positive aspects of having, applying, promoting and transmitting the values ​​of a company: create a strong and solid organizational culture ;stimulate staff to help with company goals ;achieve low staff turnover;avoid differences of opinion among workers;clear perspective and change of mind for new talents;

provide the opportunity to fulfill and contribute in scenarios that are aligned with the values ​​of the company and have a presence in corporate social responsibility campaigns ; generate trust and credibility in customers, suppliers, employees, etc .; For each of the members to have a sense of belonging to the company, you must create an environment full of values!

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