Do Consumers Hate Ads? They hate them. It is a fact. This is confirmed by the fact that advertising is one of the common complaints that citizens make on television or the Internet. The fact that more and more tools Cabo Verde Email List are used to block ads and not directly see them where they can use them, as is the case on the internet, where adblockers and the like do the dirty work, adds a new element of confirmation to the idea . And yet consumers voluntarily see ads, ‘chase’ them, and proactively search for them online.

In the lists of viral content that are published year after year about the most watched on the net, a few ads tend to slip that have transcended being simply advertising and have become something that consumers have seen, searched for and shared. They have become viral.

During the month of March alone, the most popular ads of all those that have been uploaded to YouTube accumulated 65.5 million views, which is equivalent to 1.3 million hours of viewing time. The list that yields such impressive data (what advertiser would not like their ad to be seen for millions of hours?) Is the one that is made up of the 10 most popular ads of the month on YouTube, that is, the ranking of the 10 most viewed and most viral ads ( Marketing Land has recently published the list). The list is, as usual (and what is very marked by knowledge of the language and its power on the net) by Anglo-Saxon advertisements.

Despite this, viewing the ads that have been posted on the list allows us to understand many things and draw a few conclusions about what consumers are receiving in a positive way right now and what therefore has more ballots to go viral.

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