Think about the key characteristics of a marketer . If “proactivity” crossed your mind, you are part of a large group that believes that this quality is very valuable in the job market.But are you, in fact, a proactive person? Of all the times you said or heard the word, how many were really genuine?In this post, we will help you understand once and for all what it is to be proactive and why many people get confused in the middle of seemingly similar concepts but with very different meanings.Let’s continue with the topic!What does it mean to be proactive?The popularization of the term has made it become an almost unanimous characteristic in the personality of any professional, but in practice it is very easy to find ordinary people who are proactive even if they are not professionals.Simply and directly, proactivity is the act of acting quickly to Russia Phone Number List avoid future complications.It is also “taking situations” for oneself, learning and developing attitudes that can predict problems and act even before they happen.When they cannot foresee a problem, the proactive ones move looking for any possible improvement to the situation, instead of complaining while they wait for the solution to fall from the sky.As an example, think of the professional who is constantly on the job, participating in conversations,

leading groups and situations (not necessarily in managerial positions), to keep processes flowing smoothly and correctly .Proactive people don’t just sit around waiting for things to magically happen: they get up and make them happen.In addition, the sense of responsibility develops in a very interesting way, since there is no statement: “That problem is not mine.” Negative problems are seen as the responsibility of the team as a whole and not as a burden to be exposed and cause demotivation.Differences between proactivity and productivity and other conceptsThe fact that proactivity has become extremely popular made it lose its meaning.

It is very common to confuse being proactive with concepts like productivity and use them as characteristics that encompass a number of other factors that are not related to what it is to be proactive.With this in mind, let’s briefly clarify the concepts that are most often confused.ProductivityProductivity is a characteristic of people who manage to do a large volume of work in the shortest time possible.It can also be associated with when someone produces a greater volume of work spending less money or labor, for example.Productive people generally offer more than average and may have an easier time dealing with deadlines.InitiativeInitiative is “taking a task to do it” and accepting the demands that are presented to us easily and frequently. It also means proposing new things, having ideas and, more than that, talking about them and stimulating decision-making.This is a fundamental characteristic of who is proactive, but they are not synonymous.

Being proactive is the union of several attitudes: one of them is precisely the initiative, however, it is not possible to summarize the concept in a single characteristic.Let’s think of the initiative as one of the several characteristics that make up this more complex concept that is proactivity.ReactivityReactive people are those who respond to stimuli almost automatically.People with reactive characteristics may not think as much before responding, which can be a good thing in certain situations, such as those where the practitioner is under pressure and needs to take quick action.But in other cases, it becomes relatively negative.

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