The Digital Transformation has brought many opportunities for entrepreneurs, whether for online or physical businesses.Considering that Latin America is an entrepreneurial territory by nature , why not take advantage of the help of a business incubator to create a successful business?The most varied businesses appear daily in all Spanish-speaking countries . Many of them are created out of necessity, others to realize a good idea, and some simply to “try something new.”Regardless of the initial motive, an entrepreneur Benin Phone Number List must know that a good business plan is necessary for the success of any company.That the business is totally innovative and meets the needs of an unserved market niche is not enough. The need for a business model to later become a plan is essential.Still, in some cases this is not enough. Extra help is needed before the start of the project and during its development to create a successful company.It is due to this need that business incubators arose, do you want to know how they work and how they can help in your project? So, keep reading this article!

What is a business incubator?We can define a business incubator as a program that gives the necessary support to businesses in their initial stages in order to develop, strengthen and grow .Incubators offer consultancy from the initial phase of the project, from the moment the business idea is developed. However, its role goes much further.It can also offer a physical space, which includes basic services such as water, electricity, telephone and Internet, as well as legal, financial, accounting, etc., and in some cases encourage contact with potential investors.

Business incubators can be public or private entities and for a business to be part of one of them it is necessary to participate in a selection process.What are the goals of a business incubator?The main objectives of an incubator are:support the emergence of new companies;minimize the risk of the failure of a new business; ensure the success of innovative projects;collaborate with their growth.How is a business incubator structured?A business incubator is structured following an incubation model in which we can consider three stages: 1. PreincubationIt is at this stage the business idea is analyzed .

It is precisely at this time that the idea is evaluated, it is checked whether it is viable or not and the best way to put it into operation is determined.In the pre-incubation, the business plan is created, and if one already exists, it is optimized to the maximum. In addition, it will be determined what is the best type of business for the idea and how to execute the action plan.The approximate duration of this stage is about 6 months.

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