A competitive advantage is a unique characteristic that distinguishes a company or a person from others in their respective segment of Mongolia Email List activity and places them as the best option for a certain activity.


readwhat is a competitive advantage Determining whether a company is positioned in today’s competitive markets will depend on its competitive advantages.

Most of the marketing strategies used by businesses are based on these advantages, since they are what will differentiate them from the rest.It is no secret to anyone that competition to stand out in the market has become the main headache of companies today.

That is why the capacity for innovation and creativity are skills required by most companies when recruiting new staff.This has no other explanation than the constant search to offer the target audience something that no other company can offer.This “something” is known as competitive advantage, and in this article we will explain everything you need to know about it and how you could develop yours.

Ahead!What is a competitive advantage?Competitive advantage is a concept established in 1980 by Michael Porter. It refers to a unique and sustainable characteristic over time that is not possessed by any other company that competes in the same market .

This unique advantage gives it a favorable position.It is important to emphasize that one of the bases for structuring and developing a marketing strategy are competitive advantages.

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