Creativity is the basis for the success of a marketing campaign , because only in this way can a brand position itself in the minds of Montserrat Email List consumers and remain in it.Every day that passes the public is more demanding and does not settle for advertisements and clichéd messages.

That is why the creative strategy has become a fundamental aspect to connect with the people who are part of an audience.

Surely you remember the brand of some original and brilliant slogans , which remain in the memory of consumers.For example, “There are things that money cannot buy …” Possibly not only do you remember the brand of this ad, but you even completed the sentence in your mind.And this other one? “…It gives you wings”.

Who or what gives you wings? Even the intonation is hard to forget, isn’t it?Mastercard and Redbull are excellent examples of brands that use creative strategy to promote their products and also make themselves unforgettable.

Just as large organizations use these tactics to capture the attention of the consumer and stay present in their mind, any company, no matter how small, can do it.In this article you will understand what a creative marketing strategy is and how to execute it in the best way so that it brings you the expected results

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