what is a DMPEvery day that passes, technology takes a step further and collaborates with various areas. Two of the great beneficiaries are digital UAE Email List marketing and advertising .With this great ally, it is possible to optimize advertising campaigns,

allowing us to reach exactly the audience that interests us without much effort.To better understand how this ally can help enhance the power of advertising, today we are going to talk about DMPs.In this article you will discover what they are, how they work, what are their sources, all the benefits they can bring and the main DMPs today.

Continue reading and in a few minutes you will discover all this and understand how you can use them in favor of your brand.What is a DMP or Data Management Platform?The Data Management Platform or DMP is a data management tool that interprets, collects and organizes digital information from different channels .

In this way, it is possible to obtain data on the public that interests a brand , generating a wider audience, to which we can offer our products or services.The DMP allows the optimization of digital ad campaigns , since the more data we have about our potential clients, the greater the probability of conversion.

What are the data sources managed by a DMP?When defining the Data Management Platform, we said that the tool obtains data from different channels – and this is precisely what makes it so useful – since in addition to the data obtained in those channels, it is possible to collect information from other sources.The DMP can collect data from three different sources: 1st party datingIt is all the data obtained from the own channels.

Because it is data acquired from the clients themselves, it is usually more valuable.This data includes the information that buyer personas spontaneously give us, as well as the data that reflects their behavior in the online space .The own channels in which they can be obtained are:

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